Spiritual leader, Guru Maharaj Ji advices President Elect

The founder of the One love family, Sat Guru Maharaja Ji has adviced president elect Muhammad Buhari to tackle the issues of entitlements being owed pensioners in the country. This was said during the 28th anniversary of the establishment of his Marahaj Ji village in Ibadan on Saturday, as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria .

Marahaj Ji said, “the pensioners too should be payed their entitlements as at when due because they served the country before their retirement. Some pensioners have died in hunger because their entitlements are not paid in time.”

“If the incoming administration can tackle this, it would make Buhari and governors-elect to make history where other Nigerian leaders  have failed”

He also added that economic resources of the country and dividends of democracy be divided epaualy without partiality.

” project allocations and execution  should be equally distributed so that every citizen could benefit from the dividends of democracy. No section of the country should be singled out for development at the detriment of the others.”

Also adding he said, “employment and appointment opportunities must be on merit and be equitably distributed”.


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