10 Ways to achieving the conservative crop top look



Crop tops which were the fashion rave back in the 1980s are back in fashion and are here to stay . They were worn particularly by the “spice girls” and teen idols in the ’80s.


Like all fashion pieces, wearing a crop top is about balance and proportion. Pulling off a crop top look doesn’t automatically mean a bared navel and they can be an amazing part of your outfit if you wear them the right way.


There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a flash of skin. To achieve that conservative and prude look, here are 10 tips for our shy and formal dressers




  • Pencil skirt




Pairing  your crop top with a high waisted knee length pencil skirt would reveal just a flash of skin.


To cap this off, A pair of stilleto would perfect this look




  • Maxi skirt




To steal attention from your bared skin, you can match your crop top with a voluminous maxi skirt.


Maxi skirts which are very trendy comes in various styles and prints and would be incredible for you crop top



  • Long sleeved crop




To balance the the cropped hem of your top, get a crop top with an elbow length or long sleeves to get you comfortable and on the go especially for our prude dressers.




  • Cape crop top




If the usual tight crop top doesn’t appeal To you, try on a cape crop top which is loose fitting and only exposes your skin when you raise your arms up.


You can  pair with a fitted skirt or trousers.




  • Knot and tie


(Shop style.co.UK)




 For that slouchy casual look, pair your loosely knotted blouse /shirt with a Jean.


 This tie gives you control over the amount of skin exposed.



  • Blazers




For the professional look, pair your crop top with a long jacket or blazer to show just a hint of skin.


 The jacket can always be buttoned up if need be




  • Matching skirt





Match your crop top with trouser or skirt of same colour to give that sophisticated look.





  • Layer up




You could totally pull off this look by wearing a crop sweater with a buttoned down shirt underneath and you won’t have to worry about exposing your skin.


And on the other hand, you could wear the crop top underneath a transparent blouse to layer it up.



  • Overalls





If you’re tired of the all too serious look, here is a pair of “long Johns” to the rescue.


 Matching your crop top with an overall takes care of  your “bared navel” problem.




  • Statement jewelry





For that fancy and elegant look, you could spice up your crop tip with a costume fashion necklace.




  • Palazzo trousers







This definitely will complement your crop top, giving you that safe look you aim for.



  • Clinging gown




You could throw on your loosely fitted crop top over a tight gown to give you that super slimming effect.




These few tricks are meant to help you make your crop top versatile for use anywhere any day


 Do try a crop top today❤


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