New month’s resolutions – part2


Previously, we talked about tips on how to successfully achieve a new month’s resolution including making resolutions that are specific, time based, achievable and realistic. Below are some amazing ideas to help you be a better person this month and the following months to come…I know you can’t wait to try them out


Learn something new 

 could be a new language, a new skill, learning how to cook or even how to drive


Give back 

contributing to a cause or to charity is the least we can do to make the society a better place and it could be by giving your money, time, energy or even your skills


Learn to control your emotions 

be the master of your emotions and not the other way around, do not have your fuse blown off at the slightest provocation


Why stick to it 

 bad habits like smoking, imbibing excessive alcohol does no one no good so why stick to it


Get a life 

 if you’re spending more time on social media than you are on your personal life its time to focus more on those around than your virtual friends




Quality snooze 

 create time where you shut out from your TV, your cell phone and the world in general and have a proper rest


Lose some flab 

eat healthy, work out that body and see your life span increase


watch less tv

The tv has so many channels thst we can be stuck watching it all life long, only you have the power to unplug it


read more

Learn to read a book per week, could be inspirational, could be a novel , choose something that tickles your fancy and dig in


Live and let live 

 think positive, laugh more, pamper yourself once in awhile, be carefree once in a while and enjoy Life more





Lose and save 

 lose debts incured and learn the act of saving and investing, keep track of your expenses and live within your means


 No place like home 

 Spend quality time with your family, do something nice for your parents and light up their faces with a smile


R3  – reduce, reuse and recycle , do not waste, any item not needed, hand to charity or sell off


Improve self and career

get a better education, perform better at current job, get a better job, make your hobby into a business


Be organised 

 Don’t commit to things you can’t do, prioritise and stop procrastinating


Be adventurous

 take a trip to a new place, try out a new dish, a new culture , a daring hobby




Roses are red 

improve social skills, meet new people, make new friends, fall in love and experience love


Ignorance is no defence 

 keep abreast with happenings round the word, read newspapers, listen to news , browse news


Prioritise your time 

Schedule time to work, play, spend with family and friends and time to rest


Love a doctor, its healthy 

 schedule out time once a while to have a health check up


Wardrobe overhaul 

 its time to turn over those clothes that dont make you feel good and its time to dress to fit your taste and you could also add a makeover just for fun





Remove the log in your eyes 

learn to give constructive criticism and not judgement that will pull people down, focus more on self improvement 


Learn by example 

learning by experience ain’t always the best, seek help , get a mentor and you may just get the quickest shortcut to achieving your goals


Love yourself, worry less 

 be comfortable in your own skin and wory less about what people think about, start believing in yourseld more


Get more spiritual 

Get more in touch with a higher power, with God,…and even if you are an atheist find your nirvana


Thrash awkward habits 

 habits like nail biting, picking your nose, farting , belching loudly, chewing with mouth open in the public should be stopped




Be more puntual 

 set your watch 10-20 minutes earlier and this will help you to be more punctual to work, meetings and events



 Refrain from gossiping and listening to gossip. You’ll be a more trustworthy person and will engage in more productive conversations.


Be your colleagues keeper 

 Building friendships in the workplace can actually relieve stress or tension in the office.


Keep a journal

It doesn’t have to be something you use daily, but documenting your experiences is incredibly important. You’ll appreciate it later.



Dont feel discouraged if you fail in achieving one or two resolutions, try and try again.Before you go to bed each day, take a step away from your daily struggles and contemplate something much larger than yourself. And always remember to keep it simple❤


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