Gents only: Business attire #1

Its another lovely Tuesday morning and I’m so over my Monday blues. Due to popular demand I’ve decided to shift my attention to our dapper dudes.

Its appalling to see that lots of males have no sense of fashion at all. They think fashion is for the ladies. I love my man looking all dapper and dolled up especially in an office setting.

So here are some business attires to inspire your fashion sense


  • There’s no strict rule that your shoes must be the exact shade of color with your belt, just ensure its not totally off



  • Don’t be scared to mix up your clothes a little., colour adds spice



  • If its not cold where you are, then you can lose the outer coat



  • This is a safe look yet classy, just don’t be found with an empty wallet

l (31)


  • Another safe look but with a grey theme

What’s your best look, comment below and tell us

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