Church fashion diaries #4: Effortless Elegance

Happy Sunday my DCB addicts, I’m sorry this piece is coming late but you can try these Sunday styles next week. We all love being on our Sunday best when attending service but forget that less is actually more.

The outfits below are simple but elegant and its your Sunday guide to dressing simply, effortlessly but yet look elegant.

Stay motivated❤


  • Scarves are a huge plus and make you look elegant especially when wrapped around your neck and shoulders



  • Polka dots outfit go with any and every color shade, and a matching jacket and shoes ain’t a bad idea



  • Pant trousers give an almost serious aura, so a huge plus for your church outfit



  • White colours also have the added benefit of blending with patterned clothes, so don’t be scared to match with anything floral or print



  • Floral patterns go with plain colours as long as you’re creative in your style



  • Midi and maxi length skirts are making a comeback and go perfectly with pumps and heels



  • Sweat shirts are perfect for our cold weather and can be worn over pants and skirts



  • Colour blocking and blending is suited for the adventurous as long as you don’t match more than three colours


  • Gowns are easy to wear and easy to style and you can never go wrong dressing up a gown




  • Black is a comfortable and safe colour to complement with accessories and colours



which was your best style, comment and let’s get a feedback from you💋

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