If you want your eyebrows on Fleek, try out this steps

Hi DCB muchos, its another beauty flair episode and we’ve got the perfect beauty guide for you.

Fleek eyebrows are the ish now. Although it took me a long while to perfect the fleek, I’m becoimg good at it. Here’s a guide to help you too


Face shape

  • Your eyebrow style depends on your face shape. If you’ve got a square shaped face, then a curved angular brow will suit your face best.


The perfect Fleek

  • For the perfect brow fleek, the arch of your brow should rise just above the outer rim of your iris and land right on your brow bone
  • To map out your eye brows, hold the tweezer vertically from the outermost part of your nostril straight up to your eyebrow.
  • The place where the tweezer hits is where the innermost part of your eyebrow should begin. Then, hold the tweezer diagonally from the outermost part of your nostril to the outermost part of your eye.
  • Where the tweezer extends past your eye is where the tail (or outermost part) of your eyebrow should end.


Tools for shaping and filling your brows





  • Fill in thin brows with a pencil or use brow powder and brush
  • Get a refined by natural look with brow gel
  • For a bolder look, wet your brush if you’re using brow powder.
  • Or choose a darker brow shade for a more striking loedges
  • image
  • Choose a fill-in colour that is one shade lighter than your natural brow colour for a softer look
  • Groom stray hairs around thick brows to give definition
  • image
  • For better brow grooming , a brow stencil comes In handy.


  • image


  • Use a concealed to clean up the edges









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