Vanessa Williams ties the knot for the third time

The 52-year “Ugly Betty” star got married on saturday evening to Jim Skrip. The couple had been dating since 2012 when they met in Egypt on a Nile cruise.

The wedding was a quiet affair and took place in Buffalo, New York. Vanessa Williams was spotted in a yellow dress while Jim looked dapper in a grey suit and red tie.

Vanessa Williams had earlier announced her engagement on the “Queen Latifah show in September last year.

“You never know what you’ll find and where you’ll find it,” she said. “I was on vacation with my daughter going to Egypt, cruising on the Nile. I wasn’t looking for anything. I’d been alone for a number of years and divorced for 10 years at that time.”

“I got engaged. I have had a lot of good things happen while I’ve been on this lovely trip,” she revealed to Queen Latifah. “I turned 50 when we were in rehearsal on Broadway, I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago…It has been a lot of blessings on this trip.”

Vanessa has four children in two previous marriages, the last which ended in 2005.

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