Menstruation Tales II ( To the Unborn Nigerian Daughter) 

Vou Vents

Dear Nigerian Daughter, I’ve been meaning to write you this letter about something very important!  Not sure how old you’ll be when reading this, but I’m certain you’ll be at a good stage where all this will make some sort of sense. I’ll try make this as informal as possible in order not to scare you. Listen child, at about age 12 or so, you’ll start to bleed from your vagina every month! Don’t worry, that won’t kill you or anything. Infact, it’s very normal and something almost every female goes through monthly. I’m not all that into science/biology, so I’ll try explain the cause of this bleeding anyway!  This monthly bleeding by the way, is called menstruation. You hear people call it all sorts of names/ codes, but don’t mind them! Don’t even listen to them; it’s menstruation

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