He just proposed; here’s A 3-month wedding plan guide

So you’ve been dating this guy for years and he finally pops the question and wants the wedding in three months time. Your mind starts racing….the cake, the gown…bridesmaids, venue…..*faints*.

Wake up girl, its completely doable. All you need is just some few tips to get you going. So here goes-


Week 12

  • Decide on a theme for your reception, pick out your colours
  • Create a guest list and decide on a budget…ensure the budget is flexible and try to stick with it.
  • Check out venues, you may not find where you want the first time. But don’t despair, try again.
  • Inform your church and pastor and depending on the doctrine of your church, you may be asked to go through the marital counseling class. This takes 3months or less In most pentecostal churches.


Week 11

  • Research wedding planners and book for one to decorate and organise your reception venue.
  • Start hunting for gowns so you don’t rush this process few weeks to your wedding.
  • Make a list of ladies who you want in your bridal train and asoebi train.
  • Go with a friend to sort out asoebi materials, book early for your bridsal train dress. This is easier these days as there ate wedding vendors who can supply affordable asoebi materials and bridal clothes. All you need do is to choose yuour colours and stylesIMG_20150711_114422_768


Week 10

  • Make down payments for reception venues.
  • Print Invitation cards and send out
  • Make enquiries of standard and affordable caterers to cater for food, and explain in details what food arrangements you want.
  • Also start arrangements for drinks and wines and ways to Keep them chilled during the wedding


Week 9

  • Finalise your guests lists and inform your wedding planner of the head count so they can organise the hall accordingly.
  • Also inform the caterers and drink vendors of your guest count
  • Book for a DJ or a band, make an appointment to make a playlist of songs you enjoy


One month down, two to go….your wedding plan is taking shape right?

Week 8

  • Having made arrangements for your gown by purchasing an off the rack gown, or booking with an adept fashion designer, shop for your accessories
  • You could purchase them off the rack from bridal shops
  • Accessories like shoes, purse, jewellery, should be chosen to fit your wedding gown
  • If you want to have too looks on your wedding day, remember to book or make your reception dress.


Week 7

  • Book for your cake, set up appointments to go cake tasting
  • Book for a Makeup artist and a hairstylist for you and your girls or just you alone if you choose


Week 6

  • Make hotel bookings for friends and family who will be coming a long distance.
  • Perfect time to research honey moon spots and apply for visas if you’re honeymooning outside your country.


Week 5

  • Book for a master of ceremony and Also photographers and videographer should be preinformed
  • This is the perfect time for a pre-wedding shoot


Yippee!!!🎊 its almost here, just a month to go
Week 4
Go over all the arrangements made and ensure you’re not missing out on any arrangement

Week 3
By now your wedding dress, reception gown, traditional outfits and bridal train clothes should all be ready, tried out and fitted


Week 2
Make final arrangements for the hall and to all wedding vendors involved in the wedding

If your ladies have got a bridal shower planned, enjoy it. Eat, rest and relax


Day before the wedding
Make sure your hair is done, sleep pretty

Wedding day
Enjoy and revel In your day





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