Outrage!!!! If you’re light-skinned, you’re a target for kidnappers in Nigeria,” says rapper/singer Jidenna

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, that name ring a bell? Well, Jidenna is the Nigerian/American singer who released the “Classic man” single under the Wondaland records label. The single which was released earlier this year was  performed by him  at the recently concluded BET Awards. And of course that got everyone curious about him.

The singer/rapper was born to a Nigerian father and an American mother. He was raised in Nigeria, New york & California. Jidenna  was recently interviewed by VLAD Tv and got many Nigerians pissed off with some of his biased comments.

Here’s an excerpt;

I’m Ibo American. I’m Ibo. That means you’re from the South-East of Nigeria. That means you’re away from the city. It means when you go to your village you’re the only person one of the few people that looks like you.

Our family is light, therefore when we go to our village, when I actually buried my father, I had to bring a lot of AK-47s, I had to employ miltary commandos, because when you’re light skinned you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped, because you are seen as more valuable, you’re white therefore you have money.

We were always robbed because we were light skinned. Because you’re seen as more valuable. You’re seen as err… you’re White. Therefore you have more money. You’re American, therefore you have more money. If you have more money, you’re easy to kidnap. And if you’re easy to kidnap, we’re gonna get you. For me being light skinned in Nigeria, in my family, it was difficult. It was always challenging. We were hounded. We were robbed.

So, does this mean that all the light-skinned peeps in Nigeria have all been robbed and kidnapped….I need to confirm that from my light skinned dad. Thank God I’m chocolate skinned…hehehe👅

And what does he mean by “if you’re from the south east, you’re away from the city,”…. Does that mean Igbo’s are local, hmmmmm Jidenna? Odikwa bekiafu o

Well my fellow Nigerians on hearing this took to twitter to backlash him including celebrities like Halima Abubakar, skalds and Beverly Naya




My muchos, what do u think? Do you agree?


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