Professional outfits #5: Boss chic

Hi ladies, we’ve got a pleasant start to the week with fabulous outfits for work mode. Keeping in style and looking like a boss is our aim for the week



Chic look with a white blazer over a monochrome skirt, black tank top, with matching black slingbacks and purse.



Complete boss look with  matching black blazers, pant trousers and black pumps. She completes her monochrome look with a tucked in white shirt and a contrasting floral green scarf.



Omoni oboli kills this look with matching blue print skirt and open toe shoes. She contrasts her look with a white peplum blouse and a red handbag.



Simple look with a nude dress shirt and a maroon crossbag.



Perfect office look with navy blue suspender skirt and jacket with a buttoned down cream blouse. She kept her look bossy with high heeled pumps.

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