#Eidmubarak: Hijab fashion #1

Eid Mubarak!!!! Its another holiday even though some of us don’t go on break. It’s time to get some rest, eat well, take a vacation and all that.

For our muslim ladies on the veil, we will be revealing stylish outfits you can wear even if veiled. As we all know, hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and privacy. Its used to cover the head, face, chest and for some the entire body.

Hijabs can be matched perfectly with gowns, skirts or trousers. They come in amazing colours, prints and patterns.

Below are fabulous ways to glam your hijab

Nude hijab


Nude hijab with matching nude shoes worn with a floral blazer. She completes the look with a pair of black jeggings, a white blouse and brown cross bag.

Mustard yellow hijab


Perfectly matched mustard yellow hijab with mustard yellow long sleeved shirt. This provides a perfect contrast with the long  navy blue jacket and navy blue jeggings

Floral hijab


The floral hijab blends with her sky blue long gown and pink overall jacket.

Red Hijab


Totally corporate look, red hijab over navy blue peplum gown. She adds flair to her look with gold cuffs on her wrists

Striped hijab


Striped lemon green and black hijab with matching lemon green overflowing gown and black belly belt. She tops her look with off white studded bag and blazers.


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