The bridesmaids #2: sharp colours

Planning a wedding involves alot. A lot of details need to be considered and one of them is dresses for the bridesmaids.

When choosing dress styles for your maids be sure to consider their personal styles, your wedding theme and colours and all this should be blended to flatter your bridesmaids figure.

Below are some bridesmaids dresses that caught our attention this month;

Stay motivated;

Long blue gown with lace details & side slit


Purple bridesmaids gown with cream border


Lovely peach off shoulders long gown with matching peach sandals


Black boob-tube gowns


Cute flowing blue gown with cram lace details and matching blue fascinators


Revealing halter neck gowns with lace details


Peach flowing gowns


Beautiful pink flared and flowing gowns with sequins, lovely hair piece


Which was your best style, comment below


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