Trend Alert #4: Short suits

Who would have ‘thunk’ it that short suits would become part of the corporate wardrobe or part of any wardrobe at all? Well ‘are you are’, in *chief zebudaya’s voice*.

Short suits are trending and fashionably so. I guess most of us especially the conservative ones are wondering how they fit into this trend.

Shorts have always been considered too sexy, skimpy and revealing. They are the go-to clothes for the club, date night or a neighbourhood stroll, certainly not an office wear, right?

Well, dust up your shorts now because we’re are going to expose to you how to wear your shorts in all settings.


Friends time out

@the brittneymcgee

For lunch or an evening with friends, this nude stripped skin tight jumpsuit shorts are your best bets


Work outfit


Yea, we all know conservative styles rules the office, but in workplaces that accommodate casual corporate styles you could make this work.


Errand runs


This monochrome look is the perfect style if you’ve got errands or appointments to meet up


Date night


Perfect monochrome look from Kylie Jenner matched with heels. Not such a bad idea for a date night with le’boo


Wedding guest


Who says you can’t rock sort suits at a wedding. Give it a try like Laura has done in her white matching shirts and white blazer paired with satin green blouse and green pumps





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