Sunday thoughts with pastor Iyke: Don’t waste your glow pt.1

I remember growing up, especially teenage age. 
Two things I remember very vividly:

1. How that 14th of every February, senior secondary school is always left for the boys. 
Most of our girls would not show up. 
On the next day (if it’s not a weekend), our girls would come to class with wrist watches, ear rings and other nice gifts that they (maybe) traded something to get.

2. How that we were looked down on at 14 or 15 years old as against our counterparts, the girls.

The girls who were 15 the time we were 15 looked as if they were 20. 
There was nothing attractive about us, nobody disturbed or desired us, but the girls? ….You don’t want to go there! 
I always wondered why? 

An analogy was graphically painted to me. 
It was the reflection of an electric bulb.

The explanation being that there is a time in the life of every young girl that it would be as if an electric bulb was lit inside of them. 
Good looking or not, once that time comes, there will be something super attractive about her. 

Two points stand out from the above assertion:



~• A TIME:

Remember I said, there is a time in every young girl’s life that it looks as if a 100watts electric bulb is lit inside of her. 
This time is actually sensitive and only the sensitively mature can utilise it. 
The ability to utilise this time is what I call “not wasting your #GLOW!”
“There is a time and a season over everything under the heavens.” (‪#‎Ecc3‬:1)

This time has something to do with ‪#‎Tenderness‬
It is mostly in between the ages of 14 or 15 to 25, maximum would be 30 depending on body and individual differences. 
Remember, the operational word is #TENDERNESS!


Like I said earlier, beautiful or not, once a young lady attains this time, something becomes super attractive about her.
What attracts men majority of the time is more of tenderness than beauty. 
Men by design are masculine and they have ego, what compliments that nature is tenderness and not necessarily beauty.

I have observed the so-called ugly girls get married before the very beautiful ones and the secret might just be this tenderness coupled with good/respectful disposition that they possess.

The most important question to answer is what is the reason for this time? 
The time offers you an amazing #Glow and the reason for the #Glow is simply ‪#‎Attraction‬

What is ironic however, is how very beautiful ladies who use to cause serious traffic and attraction from the men suddenly cross over 30 and begin to experience serious reduction in that attraction.

Please note that nothing happened to them! 
They weren’t involved in any accident, domestic or otherwise, they didn’t suddenly get disfigured, they didn’t even get soo old that they now have wrinkles. 
Non of the above happened! 
They are still as they used to be. 
Still very beautiful, only that they have lost that #tenderness which comes with a particular time frame.

Let me (maybe) quickly mention that the opposite is true of men. 
From age 14 to 30, most of them are not prince charming, but manhood sets in from, some times, after 30 towards 40.

How then do I conclude?

~• Allowing the #Glow to intoxicate you to the point of chasing every young man away is not maturity.

~• The #Glow is not for you to be over and about yourself! ‪#‎Pride‬

~• The #Glow is not meant to make you insultive and saucy

~• The #Glow should not give you pseudo feelings about yourself that you are the most beautiful. 
(Indeed the beautiful ones are not yet born)!

~• The #Glow is not meant to get you confused and become very choosy. 

Most of the guys you complained and gave excuses about are married and they are just awesome husbands. 
Are you sure that it’s the guys something is wrong with or you? 
Maybe you don’t know what you want, how to make an informed decision and how not to waste this beautiful glow/tenderness. 

The shocking question however is why did the guys stop coming? 
Only that the time this question is being asked, the one involved has now become very desperate, anxious and susceptible to making unfortunate mistakes.
It becomes so bad that women who are meant to be chased are now the ones chasing.

I am not a lady, but I can predict that it’s not fun being over 30 and not being married. 
Their desperation is now turning most men of God into enchanters. 

“Pastor, between these three pictures or three names, who is my husband” (What nonsense)?! 
So part of pastoral responsibilities now is to go into their ‘shrines’ and conjure between pictures who the right man is? 
(Very laughable)! 

Listen, my point is two fold and it does not have anything to do with making you feel bad but imparting knowledge to you.


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