Gents only #5: The perfect shopping guide for the modern Dude

Hello DCB gents, here’s presenting your  one stop shopping guide for that modern look.

Wardrobe shopping is a skill most men lack. They only pick up the necessary and basic items when shopping. Most hardly take time to if its the perfect fit or not. Some would love to shop what fits but don’t know how.

If you fall into any of these categories, here’s what to look out for when wardrobe shopping.

  • Shoes

~The front of your shoes shouldn’t press on your toes

~You shouldn’t be able to fit a finger behind your heel

~Little or no pressure should be put on the sides of your feet

  • Trousers


~Avoid pleats

~They should fit and be close to the legs but not enough to cause resistance


~They should have a slim fit in the thighs but should taper down below the knees

~Buy according to your waist size and skim down a size for a tighter fit


~Avoid pleats

~They should drape a little more than chinos

  • Shirts


~They shouldn’t constrict your neck


~They should end where your palm begins


~The seam of your shoulder should be at your shoulder bone, not above or below

Shirt length

~You should be able to move naturally without the shirt untucking

Sleeve length

~When bending your arm, the sleeve shouldn’t move up more than an inch.

  • Ties


~The bottom of the tie should reach the middle of your belt


~Yourbtie knot shouldn’t tighten your collar but sit under it.

  • Blazers & Suits


~The collar of your jacket should allow 2cm of your shirt collar to show.


~The second button from the bottom should rest above your belly button.

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