Style me pretty #5: 5 style laws fashionistas always obey

Always keep your feet well manicure before slipping on a pair of slippers or sandals


Wearing slippers or sandals leave the feet exposed to public view so you sure want to give them a reason to love them and not be repulsed by it. Ensure your feet are well manicured and polished before slipping on your footwear.

Stick to colours that flatter your skin


Colour blocking is still in vogue but learn to stick with colours that flatter your skin shade. And when matching colours don’t go overboard, don’t wear more than three colours at a go.

Accessories are a must


Never be found without an accessory be it a fancy earring or costume necklace or cute bracelet….always be on accessory

Never play safe with heels


Wear the right heels for the right occasion. Reserve your flats for your casual outings. Heels have a way of transforming your not so superb outfit to a classy one, so never play safe when it comes to heels. Go all out

Never go all black


Except you’re attending a funeral. Spike that outfit with a bright coloured shoe or bag or belt


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