10 mistakes you shouldn’t make while washing your face

The simple act of washing your face has such a say in the way your skin looks and feels – outwardly and inwardly. If you wash your face the wrong way, it results in dire consequences.

Below are common mistakes we make while washing our faces, and we’ve provided corrections for them.

#1. Using bar soaps
Bars of soap are great for your body, however try to avoid using it anywhere above the neck. Bars of soap can be pretty harsh on your face and can cause your skin to dehydrate, especially if your skin is particularly sensitive. Best choose a facial cleanser that is made for your skin type.

#2. Not washing your face towels
Your face cloth may be ‘washed’ everyday with your cleanser and water, however it will not be sanitized. Face cloths can become riddled with bacteria and wiping it across your face isn’t going to do you any good. Use a wash cloth that is made of a gentle fabric and wash it out after every use.

#3. Washing your face with extremely hot or cold water
When you are washing your face you need to watch the temperature of the water. Scalding hot water is a no go, it can cause burns, but extremely cold water isn’t a good idea either. Cold water can cause capillaries to rise and will really irritate your skin just as hot water can. Go for lukewarm water for a refreshing splash

#4. Vigorous exfoliating
Scrubbing the skin off your face, or exfoliating vigorously can lead to irritation, soreness and red patches – needless to say, not a good look. Gently rub your face with a wash cloth in small circular motions to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils.

#5. Not knowing your skin types
Everyone has different skin, with different needs. If you have very oily skin you may find that you need to wash your face twice a day. Whereas if your skin is quite dry you should consult a dermatologist for advice on how often you should wash your face and what products you should use. If you hit the gym then it is important to take off your make up and wash your face afterwards, otherwise the sweat on your skin will clog up your pores, causing blemishes and spots.

#6. Washing your face with dirty hands
Before you wash your face, make sure you wash your hands properly. Otherwise you will transfer the dirt from your hand onto your face, causing breakouts and blocking up your pores.

#7. Using face wipes only

Now, there is nothing like a face wipe to wash your face after a night out, however this isn’t the most effective way to clean your face and it isn’t a good idea to use them every day. Water and cleanser will really remove the dirt whereas wipes will just move it around your face

#8. Not steaming your face
Sometimes you need to unclog those pores to really clean your face. Steam your face with hot water to draw out the dirt and prevent breakouts and blackheads. If you can’t quite face a steam then lay a warm washcloth over your face to draw out the dirt.

#9. Using the wrong formula
Washing your face can actually cause your skin to dry out. If you have skin that is prone to dryness then you need a cleanser that contains vitamin E and is without fragrance. You will also need to apply a good moisturizer to your face to ensure that you replace the natural oils washing draws out.

#10. Washing your face without removing your make up
Before you wash your face, take your make-up off. Cleansers aren’t actually designed to remove your make up and scrubbing it isn’t going to do your skin any good. Gently remove your make-up with a product designed to do the job, then wash and cleanse your face for best results.

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