Class outfits #1: Casual styles

Lovely Monday DCB fam, its another new and exciting week. Its been a long and fun weekend and I can bet we are all prepared to face the new week.

Our blog won’t be complete if we don’t reach out to our lovely undergraduate audience. I guess our student community have been wondering If its all about the working class ladies. Well wonder no more as this new segment seeks to improve your class outlook.

outfit 1


High waist jeans and heels will certainly give you that classy look you want and will make you standout amongst your peers.

outfit 2


Leggings and a long top paired wit heels to take your outfit up a notch is the perfect style for the It-girl.

outfit 3


Floral prints are mood elevators and its the perfect outfit for a Monday look.

outfit 4


Denim on denim is the new trend now as long you don’t go overboard with, keep it classy as our diva here did.

outfit 5


If you want to keep things simple then a shirt dress is what you should go for especially if you need to get early to class without any struggle

I do hope these dress tips Were helpful, have a lovely week dearies💋


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