Before & After #4: Dedicated to the gents who are repulsed by makeovers

As the DCB #beforeafter challenge wraps up this weekend, we’ve decided to bring you  professional makeovers of the month. I read an article recently condemning ladies who makeup their faces. The article referred to ladies who “painted” their faces as insecured and not proud of their faces.

I’m proud of the way I look and I am also happy to accentuate the way I look. And I am sure other ladies would agree with me that a makeover never harms anyone. As for the guys who are so “repulsed” by ladies who make up, instead of asking us to stop why not go for those who don’t make up. Instead of trying to change us to suit you, make do with the ladies who are basically natural.

Enough serious talk, let’s have some fun now…💋

#beforeafter 1


#beforeafter 2


#beforeafter 3


#beforeafter 4


#beforeafter 5


#beforeafter 6


#beforeafter 7


#beforeafter 8


#beforeafter 9


#beforeafter 10


Which transformation wowed you, drop a comment below and don’t forget to like our Facebook page…


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