Sunday thoughts with Pastor Iyke: Grow up!!

I have always believed that ‪#‎Growing‬ is beyond ‪#‎Ageing‬
Amazingly, people mistake ageing for growing. 
Ageing will occur naturally, but Growing is an investment. 
Everybody will ‪#‎Age‬, but ‪#‎Growth‬ is exclusively preserved for those who are intentionally deliberate.

I have seen old people who are not grown and I have equally seen young people who are grown.

What made the elderly old, is because they aged but what made the young grown, is because they learnt.

‪#‎Learning‬ therefore, is a strong growth tool! 
‪#‎WHEN‬ and ‪#‎WHERE‬ you stop learning is #WHEN you stop growing and #WHERE you would remain!

~• What makes you older than your mates is not your age, but what you know.

~• What makes you relevant is not how old you are, but how knowledgeable you are.

~• No matter how hard people try to respect old age, if that old age is empty, people will find it really difficult to respect it.

So it’s time to
‪#‎Man_Up‬! & 

Take, making a conscious investment on yourself, one of your fore most responsibilities.

Knowledge gives you an edge.

If you noticed, the last four letters in the word Knowledge is ‪#‎E_D_G_E‬
When you also separate the first four letters which is ‪#‎K_N_O_W‬ you would have ‪#‎L‬ standing alone in the middle.

Simply put, you cannot have an ‪#‎EDGE‬ if you don’t ‪#‎KNOW‬ and you cannot #KNOW if you don’t ‪#‎L_Learn‬!


I will give two answers now and maybe more if I have to write a part2

~• 1. ‪#‎Associate‬ ‪#‎with‬ ‪#‎those‬ ‪#‎that‬ #know:

You cannot walk with the wise and be perceived as a fool.

Even if you don’t have riches, your association with the rich will make you appear as one and will also make you become one.

Your connection to the wealthy should not be taking from them but learning from them.

There is something called the anointing, it’s beyond pouring of oil. 
It is actually the Grace on someone that helps him or her to succeed.

The Hebrew word for #TheAnointing is called #Mashach (המשיחה) which is the root word for Messiah (anointed). Mashach which is Chrio in Greek means “#To_Smear or #Rub_off”

You cannot have a rob-off being far from the person carrying the Mashach. 
It’s proximity that makes things to rob-off on others. 
Maturity demands that proximity be respected.

~• 2. #Be #Inquisitive!

Inquisition leads to acquisition. 
You cannot acquire what you are not curious about. 
It is said that you will always find what you seek.

You can’t seek knowledge and not find it. 
~• #Be_Inquisitive. 
~• #Seek_to_know. 
~• #Ask_Questions.

The smartest student in the class is not the one that pretends that s/he understands…No sir!

The smartest student is the one that asks questions. 
Teachers exist to answer questions not only to teach.

~• #Success is a teacher, so ask successful people questions.

~• #Leadership is a teacher, so ask leaders questions.

~• #Ministry is a teacher, so ask ministers questions.

~• #Marriage is a teacher, so ask married people questions.

~• #Motherhood is a teacher so ask mothers questions. Like wise FATHERHOOD.

~• #Business is a teacher, so ask business people questions.

Inquisition indeed is the secret to acquisition. 
Jesus said: 
“you have not (you don’t have anything) because you #ASK not (you have not asked anything), Ask and you shall receive and your joy shall be full.” #John16_24

Dr. Mike Murdock was asked “what do you do for a living?” 
He answered and said, “I ask questions for a living.” 
No wonder he is a very very wise and wealthy man.

Well, I’m going to leave you now, but I want you to beat your chest and say IT’S TIME TO #GROW_UP!


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