Sunday thoughts with Pastor Iyke: Grow up Pt. 2

This is a second part to our last week’s article titled ‪#‎Grow_Up‬.

In that article, we discovered that there is a difference between growing and ageing. 
The fact that ageing comes natural with everybody but growing is a conscious investment towards constant development. 

Hence we said that growing_Up is exclusively reserved for the‪#‎intentionally_deliberate‬.

‪#‎Growing_Up‬ starts from first deciding that you won’t be in the dark or ignorant. 
You can only be known when you know and it’s ‪#‎KNOW_L_EDGE‬that makes you grow. 

Bear in mind that being #intentionally_deliberate is in two folds: 

1. ‪#‎Knowledge_Acquisition‬ (which was the focus of pt1)
2. ‪#‎Knowledge_in_Action‬ 

“Knowledge stored in archives does not benefit anybody unless for research purposes.It’s an insult to the power of knowledge just to store it up.”

You don’t #grow_Up by ‪#‎Storing_Things_Up‬.

It’s possible to see people that know too much yet it does not reflect in their action.

Many are married to people like this. 
It was their knowledge that even attracted you to him, only to marry him and there is no obvious translation of all those knowledge, to action.

Frustration becomes the resultant effect once knowledge is not acted out. 

So if I hang #Growing_Up on one leg which is Knowledge, then I have not done justice to the topic.

‪#‎Knowledge‬ has a twin sister that is called ‪#‎WISDOM‬ and it has everything to do with action.

~• Wisdom is justified by her children (obvious results, manifestation, application).

~• Wisdom is higher than knowledge because it goes beyond knowing to doing or applying what is known.

~• Therefore wisdom has been defined as ‪#‎Knowledge_Applied‬.

This is where being very intentionally deliberate comes handy. To apply wisdom would need more effort, resolution, energy, consciousness, than to know.

If only people who know will apply what they know, the world will be a better place!

~• Many ‪#‎Know‬ that to love their wives is good, but what of application?!
~• Many #Know that to live righteously is good, but what about application?! 
~• Many #Know that to forgive is great, but what of application?!
~• Many #Know that to bring their separated wife home is good, but what of application?!
~• Many #Know that to Pray, Study, evangelise, be committed in God’s house, are good, but what of application?! 

‪#‎Applied_knowledge‬ is the sign of wisdom. 
Jesus said “If you don’t believe me for what I say, can’t you believe me for my works’ sake?” ‪#‎John14‬:10,14

Your action speaks louder than your voice.
“To Him that knows (Knowledge) what to do and does not do (wisdom) it, to him it’s sin!” ‪#‎John4‬:17

Let’s draw our conclusion from what Apostle Paul said in‪#‎1Cor13‬:11 (NLT)
“When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.” 

Let’s divide the above scripture into two parts: 
1. The part that Points to #Knowledge
2. The part that points to #Wisdom

The part that points to knowledge is revealed in “When I was a child, I spoke…
~• Speaking (I spoke)
~• Reasoning (Understanding) 
~• Thought (Thinking)

Knowledge is gotten through 
-> ‪#‎Information‬ (which comes through spoken words weather spoken as in a conference or through a journal like this); understood through reasoning 
-> (‪#‎Explanation‬‪#‎Discussion‬) (‪#‎Reasoning‬) and established through 
-> ‪#‎Meditation‬, #Regurgitation. 

Notice that the first part is basically on #Knowledge_acquisition. 
So we saw, Spoke, Reason & Thought which are the knowledge acquisition processes of 
~• #Information 
~• #Explanation #Regurgitation
~• #Meditation

Let’s now go to the second part, which is the part that points to wisdom.

Paul said: 
“But when I #Grew_Up, I put away childish things.”

Humility requires that we be #child_like but never #childish!

Jesus said that anyone who wants to enter the kingdom of heaven must be like a child.

Child_likeness is a virture, but childishness is a disaster! 

It is the act of wisdom that deals with childishness….consciously, intentionally and deliberately PUTTING AWAY childish things.

The phrase in the scripture that is worth considering, is “PUTTING or PUT AWAY!”

Note that what you refuse to put away will someday put you away!
Putting away means action and action means wisdom. 

– information, 
– reasoning and 
– meditation, 
I now KNOW that these things are CHILDISH and I have made up my mind to PUT THEM AWAY.

Things such as: 

-> Anger is childish…put away! 
-> Un-forgiveness is childish…put away!
-> Pretence is childish…put away! 
-> Comparison, unhealthy competition, jealousy and envy are childish…put away! 
-> Not respecting your husband is childish….away with that! 
-> Not loving your wife is childish…away with that too! 
-> Gossip is childish…put that away! 
-> Joining cult is not just childish but stupid,… put that away! 
-> Prostitution is nasty…put that away! 
-> Negative addictions (tobacco, alcohol, pornography etc) are childish…put them away! 
-> What of attraction to the same sex? Dirty! Put that away! 
-> Revenge and retaliation? Very childish, put away! 
-> Infidelity kwa’n?…Put away! 
-> Bitterness, resentment, wickedness and related vices? Put them away! 
The list is indeed endless. Help me make them up, keep fixing as many as you remember. 

Notice if you will, that a grown person is that person whose actions reflects his knowledge. 
He said “when I #Grew_Up, I put away childish things.”

I pray for you today, that the grace to grow up would come upon you now in Jesus Name Amen!!

Did you learn something regardless of how lengthy the article is? 
Kindly share with your own contacts. 
God Bless You & Thank You! 
I love you!


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