Live Twitter chat with Dr. Ede: A healthy smile

If you missed last night’s twitter chat here’s your opportunity to see how it went down. It was fun and educative chatting with our guest dentist Dr. Ede.

Dr. Ede spoke on several common  dental problems and how they can be managed and prevented. Several questions were also asked by our twitter followers and they were satisfactorily answered.

Here’s how the interview went;(not verbatim)

PS I also had a moment to chat with her privately and included answers given to my questions.

Q: What inspired you to study dentistry?

A: When I was younger, my eldest sister had a painful tooth extraction that wasn’t managed properly post-operation and this spiked my curiosity and also motivated me to study dentistry.

Q: Did you face challenges during your dental training

A: Well challenges are normal reading 24/7 hassles but I scaled through with God on my side.

Q: What would you say is the three most common dental problems patients present with

A: Toothache, bad breath, shocking sensation (sensitivity)

Q: how does toothache present? Is it same as cavity, dental caries and hole in the tooth

A: Tooth ache is what patients commonly say when they present. Cavity/hole are one and the same. Dental caries means tooth decay.

Q: How can tooth decay be prevented? And how is it treated?

A: Brush your teeth at least twice daily, rinse your mouth with tepid water after each meal.

Most times in treating dental caries/tooth decay, dentists can apply sealants on molars that have early signs of tooth decay, as long as the decay has not broken through the enamel. Once the enamel has been broken, your tooth will have to be filled .

Q: what causes mouth odour?

A: mouth odour or bad breath is medically known as halitosis. It could be caused by poor oral hygiene habits, mouth infections, unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and alcohol intake, and certain food .

Q: mouth odour can be quite embarrassing. How can it be prevented?

A: brush and floss everyday. Use of mouth wash before going to bed also helps.

Q: is there treatment for bad breath?

A: of course yes. Brush twice a day.  Flossing daily helps to keep the spaces between your teeth clean. You could also use a tongue scraper to control odour causing bacteria that form on the tongue.

Q: what is tooth sensitivity and what causes it?

A: tooth sensitivity is that painful shocking sensation when you take very cold drinks or eat very acidic food or fruits like lemons or oranges.

It could be as a result of  using a hard brush which causes your enamel to wear  off or brushing aggressively

Q:how often should we visit a dentist?

A: every six months

If you’ve got any questions concerning this issues discussed above, send a mail to or follow @drcici_blog


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