Food for thought #6: Stay away from “Still People”

Life would be easy if we are not saddled with people who drag us down. They never change no matter how much we wish they could.

They mean a lot to us but we’ve got to do without them because having them around is more detrimental. These are the “STILL” people.

They never grow up.

~Still BROKE: We knew them to be broke even as students and even after graduating and finding jobs, they still remain broke.

~Still BORROWING: they don’t stop at remaining broke, them move on to borrowing. They never pay back and when you ask, you become a bad person. They probably earn more  than you. They probably live larger than you yet they keep borrowing.

~Still COMPLAINING: These peeps thrive on negativity. They never see anything good in anyone or in any situation. They keep complaining. They are practically kill-joys.

~Still Majoring in MINOR THINGS: These set of people are petty and shallow. They are the ones who will hold grudges and keep malice over little issues. They never forgive. They are also always jealous and envious over every progress you make

~ Still INSECURE & CHILDISH: They are never sure of themselves. They always look down on themselves and try to be someone else. They can’t accept or live with who they are.

These people if allowed to hang around you will certainly pull you down. You may try to help them to grow up but if that becomes fruitless then its time to walk away.

Enjoy your day muchos


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