Style me pretty #6: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are everywhere now in different styles, patterns and styles. They could be intimidating if you’ve never tried them on before but believe me, they are the simplest of styles to try on.

They are chic and versatile, can be worn casually to a play date or worn with sophistication to the red carpet.  Below are ways to wear your jumpsuits to any occasion of your choice.

Wedding receptions


Don’t think too hard on what to wear when you’ve got to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony, if you’ve got the right tailor s/he would certainly find creating a jumpsuit an easy feat.

Night out


If you need the perfect outfit to step out at night and unwind with a few friends, the cape jumpsuit is your best bet. You don’t need to worry about night chills and all on this outfit and you would look chic too.

Church style


A full length well covered jumpsuit piece is the goto outfit for your Sunday service.

Red carpet


A halter neck jumpsuit paired with the right accessories and matched with the right shoes can certainly be a worthy red carpet style.

Casual look


Wrap jumpsuits can be worn casually , or as play suits for a stroll to the mall or to check on a friend

Formal events


All you need do is add a pair of stilettos and a clutch and you’re good to go

Weekend hang out


Red outfits could be quite bold but in a jumpsuit its quite toned down and can be worn for any weekend activity

Street style


If you are not sure about the denim on denim trend, well a denim jumpsuit should sure put you in the mood for a little street style.

Which outfit would you try out?


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