Food for thought #7: Make mistakes, learn, grow and evolve

Many of us adults are adults just age wise following WHO classification of adults. But as far as maturity goes, we are nowhere. Maturity is a conscious act. It is not age dependent. Maturity is reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.

It is also reflected in the lessons we learn and corrections we make and put into practice. A wise man learns from other peoples experiences and makes corrections but the foolish wait to have their own experiences, make same mistake before learning from it.

What actually obtains these days is that we criticise people who make mistakes but go ahead and repeat same mistakes but never learn from it. Instead we deny our mistakes and never take responsibility for them.

A true sign of maturity is the ability to learn from experience whether yours or someone else’s. Maturity is accepting that we’ve made mistakes, learn from them, move on, evolve and grow.

So stop denying your mistakes, grow up and take responsibility for them…. Have the best weekend muchos


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