Class outfits #2: Keeping up with fashion

As ladies whether young or old, we love to keep up with fashion. Whether attending functions or class, no one wants to look drab.

If you feel SamE way I feel, here’s how to put those feelings into actions with these amazing styles…

style 1


How about a little white dress with gold accessories to amplify your simple look.

style 2


Spaghetti strap blouse over maxi skirt paired with strappy sandals and a tote bag, summed with retro glasses is one look you want to emulate.

style 3


A little casual street style hurts no one after all study and no play makes you a plain Jane…

style 4


Dear old jeans and heels, its the classroom so we want to stick with casual but not so casual..

style 5


Denim on denim, if you love risqué outfits then this is the perfect classroom style for you… Don’t forget the bowler hat


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