Ladies!!! If you don’t have the following items in your purse, then you shouldn’t be carrying a purse

This is not the routine make-up essential items but this list contains important life saving items every lady must carry along with her always


  • Hand sanitiser

Germs are everywhere and if you’re someone like me who can’t keep her hands off her face, you need to have a hand sanitiser handy to avoid acne breakout and also to protect yourself and others






  • Safety pins


Imagine being at an interview and your seam or button give way, what do you do? Pin it up until you can get a convenient place to stitch it






  • Sewing kit


Save yourself the embarrassment of working around with a torn skirt or open blouse without buttons, always carry your sewing kit






  • Tissues/Kleenex


Paper tissues save you the embarrassment of wiping your hands on the back of your chair after a meal when there’s no wash hand basin in sight. It will also rescue you when you need to visit the rest room.


  • Compact mirror


Most times our carry-on face powders are attached to compact mirrors, but if yours isn’t then get one. You don’t know when you would have a stain on your face or teeth, how do you check it out? Or when you need to refresh your make up👌



  • Band aids/elastoplast


Band aids or elastoplast are perfect for covering up small scraps or injuries but they also come in handy to protect parts of your feet which could be easily bruised by your shoes.




  • Lip gloss/balm


No need carrying dry lips around when all you need is a gloss or balm to keep it soft and supple






  • Eyebrow pencilS


Its awkward and downright hilarious when your eyebrow makeup is wiped off accidentally and you’ve got no pencils to salvage the situation so you have to walk around with “amputated brows”




  • Painkillers


What do you do when a persky head ache prevents you from focusing in the job at hand, an acetaminophen based painkiller tablet would sure relieve you but don’t be addicted




  • Tube moisturisers


In a few months well be entering the dry season and having your hand cream or a tube moisturiser will ensure a quick fix when you’ve got dry patches on your skin especially pressure areas like your knees and elbows.




  • Mints/gum


We all hate mouth odours and so don’t make your neighbour uncomfortable with yours. Keep a fresh wrap  mint or gum to keep your breath fresh



  • Power bank


With the state of our epileptic power supply, this is a necessity. Don’t be left stranded wit a flat battery, get a power bank






  • Raw cash


Ever heard of the term “vex money”, this is the money used to bail yourself out when a date goes wrong. Always have at least #2000 in you’re purse for situations where the ATM machine decides to seize your card



  • Pepper spray


Nowhere is completely safe but you must adhere to safety measures to avoid being mugged or worse. Have a pepper spray handy and take karate lessons while at it





  • Jotter and pen


Writing materials especially your pen is important for jotting important stuff and also especially In the bank where everyone always seems to cone without a pen




  • Extra tampon/pad


We all keep a monthly cycle calendar and so we are prepared most times when our red flag appears. What about those situations where mother nature decides to play a fast one on you and your red flag appears earlier than expected? Be prepared always


  • Healthy snack


This should help especially when you’re running a tight schedule at work and no time to break for lunch or when you’re stuck in traffic and you need to munch on something to kill time.


  • Oil absorbing paper blots


If you’ve got an oily face, this is a must have in your purse. You don’t want to take a selfie all oiled up, do you?







  • Portable perfumes


These always come in handy when you’ve got to move from place to place so you can smell fresh always. You don’t need to carry your expensive bottle of perfume In your purse, just get the portable fragrance.


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