Live twitter chat with Jey Abikwi, CEO, QJ service consults

Hi lovelies, if you missed the live twitter chat we had with JEY ABIKWI, CEO QJ service consult on Sunday night, here’s a summarised preview of how it went down:

Jey: Owning a  business is what most people desire to have by it takes discipline and tactics to stay in business.

Dr.cici: When did you first know or make the decision that you wanted to be your own boss?

Jey: I ventured into business for the first time eight years ago. I was into sales of recharge card.

I made some money out if it but I never understood what the business entailed so it crashed.

I ventured into other business after that but it still crashed until I discovered my passion.

My company is a service rendering company and Its what I enjoy what I’m  doing

Dr.cici: So what did you do differently with QJ service consult that prevented it from failing?

Jey: I served and still serve people in similar business and everything I learn something new, I apply it.

I want to share a short story on how I birthed QJ consult. Sometime in 2011, I made some friends In the nollywood movies Industry. I always made sure to be present whenever there was any event and kept observing how the events were organised.

I even went with some of the organisers for meetings. I made more friends and got invited to more events. I would also take some event programs home and study them.

Then I knew I had developed a flare for event planning. My tagging along bore fruits as I was made an organiser for Edo film festival in 2012.

I did a lot of running around for the event and on the day of the event itself I was made to man the red-çarpet. I was nervous at first because I had to interview top people in the film industry and also in Government. I did well at the end because I had played close attention to other hosts while attending previous events.

This event paved the way for me as I was invited for more event organising jobs and this was how I opened my own event planning business.

Dr.cici: Has networking played any role in helping QJ service consult grow?

Jey: Networking played a role and  its still playing a major role. If you have for a passion or a goal, then you have to get close to people with similar passion who are excelling In it.

You must not be connected to the Governor or President, just to people in your line of business. The masters learn from their masters so follow your mentors up close to excel.

Dr.cici: In a nutshell what kind of services does QJ service consult offer?

Jey: Event services, errand services, ushering services, Advertising/marketing, branding, business consulting, etc. Visit


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