Style icon of the week #1: For the love of everything FLARED

I love ladies who are not just stylish but have their own personal styles and dressense. I love them more when they stick to their personal styles despite prevailing and changing trends.

Our style icon of the week, KELECHI has got this unique fashion sense that’s not just classy but modest also. Yes I said modest and you’ll agree with me after the cut;

  • Flared gowns




Kelechi’s sleeveless gowns are classy and she completes her looks with pointed heels and minimal or no accessories and she’s looks totally gorgeous without them

  • Flared midi skirts






It seems our style icon can’t go anywhere without her pointed heels but they seem to suit her style. She has a knack for pairing lovely blouses with these midi skirts.


Flared Maxi skirts






I’m sure you now agree with me that Kelechi’s style is modest yet classy.


Credit: instagram


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