Beauty tidbits #1: How to apply eyeliner

Make up skills as we all know come with constant practice. No one was blessed with the art from the womb. Even MUAs had to  learn from someone and perfected their act with constant practice .. So applying your eyeliner perfectly comes with the consistent practice

Eyeliners come as gels, pens, pencils and liquids. You may have to try several types to find which one suits you best.

Gels are perfect for smudging; liquids create a smooth fine line, pens a simple line and pencils give a thicker line.

~Now before applying eyeliner should put on your base. That includes primer, foundation, and eye shadow.

~ Now pull the lid smoothly and tight with your non-dominate hand and with the dominant hand draw a line from the inside of the eye straight to the end of the eye where the lid meets the eyelash.

~This is the part that takes practice. One trick that’s used by many women is to make small dots instead of a solid line and then join them together to create a line. Remember the old saying: Practice makes perfect.

Here’s how to get perfect the famous cat eyes look;


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2 thoughts on “Beauty tidbits #1: How to apply eyeliner

  1. I’m feeling encouraged reading comments like yours.

    If you normally apply liquid eyeliners, probably it’s time to change to an eye pencil. Eye pencils are less likely to get smudged than liquid eyeliners


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