Ali Baba throws shade at 50 Cent for cussing at the POPE

50 cents who is never been know to speak with tact and caution has yet again shown crassness is his comments about the pope.


Ali baba not one to sit quiet in the face of idiocy spoke out immediately against this blasphemy of the Pope

Had to post this. Christianity permits all sorts sha!!! Can you imagine if this was directed at some religious leaders from a certain religion… 50 cents will be no kobo. Its OK when you shoot and movies and traffic is diverted. Its OK when there is a marathon. Its on when there is a carnival. Its ok when the New York Nicks win and there is a ride through town. But the Pope? Naaaa . some people go just broke financially come add common sense bankruptcy join am.

What do you think of 50 cents comments? Would other religions accept this?


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