Evolution of hairstyles: How it all began…👩

Ever wondered what hairstyles were trending back in the days where women were girls and chics… Well hairstyles have come full circle as our popular “short up and drive” blunt bob dates  all the way back to the 1920s

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In the 20s, the trend was to have really short hair. The blunt black bob was a hit especially among the young flapper girls.


Finger waves, tyra banks

In the 30’s, feminity came back into hairstyles. The hair was longer but usually not over shoulder length and women started curling their hair. Finger waves were the trend but we also saw sausage curls and pin curls. Hats were also a big trend.


Fashionable nets, snoods.com

The trend of longer hair kept going, some women even had hair past their shoulders and most women wore snoods (fashionable hairnets). Most women only washed their hair once a week to maintain their curls for as long as possible.


Ponytail, wikihow.com

The fifties were more about glamour and feminity. Straight hair was a no-no, nearly all women curled their hair.ponytails were finished off with a cute ribbon, especially with teenagers, and the poodle cut was introduced



In the sixties the trends included such things as beehives, long tousled waves and pixie cuts


Emmy Rossum

Long hair with a center part was one of the most  characteristic hairstyle of the 70’s. Big wavy hair was also popular, this required a lot of hairspray and blowdryer



The keyword for 80’s hair was big. crimping irons was used excessively and there was a lot of back combing going on for female as well as males


The 'Rachel' hair, Jennifer Aniston

The decade of super models, sexy hair and of course the ‘Rachel’



The 2000’s don’t really have a distinct style. Its more of a mixture of everything weve seen throughout the years. Recently the ombre look and pastel coloured hair has been popular

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