#NigeriaAt55: How to rock the Nigerian colours without looking like a flag

Happy independence muchos…55 hearty cheers to our great country Nigeria on her independence.

In the spirit of patriotism, its very tempting to want to be styled in an all green attire and end up looking like “incresible hulk”.

To avoid that such fashion blunders,

Remember that the Nigerian colour is not just green but green and white.

So when choosing your independence outfits, have just a touch of green with more of white.

Polka dots



Polka dot outfits always leave you looking feminine, to avoid looking like the Nigerian flag, mix up your greens with white or black accessories.

Match with nudes



Nude accessories provide the perfect blend for green and white outfits, so here’s the time to dig out your nude pumps and bags

Less of greens



So u don’t actually look like our flag, limit the green colour on your outfits. Less of green and more of white

Cream on green




Everyone is all about white but what about cream…yea it will certainly natch with your greens

Something risqué



Whatever outfit you go with, either formal or casual remember to look different and unique

Happy independence folks… May our dearest county grow bigger and better💋

Credit: 1 & 2


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