#NigeriaAt55: Nigeria is great but…… By Pastor Iyke

I know it’s our Independence day today but very frankly, I am not motivated to write an inspiring article about Nigeria.

I will however ensure that my little piece is not depressing either.
As a matter of fact, because I’m wired to inspire and not depress, I almost avoided writing today.

Why then did I decide to write since I am not in the mood to inspire?
Very simple, I just couldn’t resist the urge to speak out hoping that my voice is added and heard amongst million other voices speaking up about Nigeria.

Nigeria is great but there is a ‘BUT’!
I wish my article didn’t or doesn’t have a ‘BUT’, but unfortunately, I can’t avoid the ‘BUTs’.


~• I am passionately trying to understand why oil/petroleum is such a motivation to the point that presidents could desire becoming ministers as long as it’s petroleum.

~• I am yet to understand why there is no value for life in this Nation.

~• I mean how accurate is our emergency response.
If we have a 911 and it’s engaged, how fast would any agency responsible, respond?

~• How can there be bad roads as if our leaders are blind?
Only God knows how many lives that have been wasted because of our bad roads.

~• Just few weeks ago, God showed me His Mercy and delivered me, Treasure ‘teekay’ Kalu and Sankey Danjuma from a fatal  accident that was basically because of #Bad_Road.

During my first visit to the United States, I saw relatively good roads being maintained.
In my heart I said, what is wrong with these roads that they are maintaining them?
Come to my country, bad roads are ignored talk more of good ones being maintained.

~• Talking about maintenance, how horrible is that in Nigeria?!

~• Our maintenance culture is deplorable! We build fantastic infrastructures only to watch them decay!

~• Our undoing therefore is lack of quality leadership and human resource capital.

~• We don’t need oil, we need quality leadership.

~• We don’t need natural resources, we need human resources.

~• We need purposeful leadership.

~• We need to stop being insulted and abused by our governing class.

I can’t imagine the difficulty of
#Replicating or
#Duplicating what is
It’s obvious that every other week they travel to the #Western_World and they see a #Functional_Society_And_System but why can’t they just duplicate what they see?!

To deal with poverty they brought tricycle…(Keke napep)
What is that?!
Poverty alleviation?!
No! Never!!

~• Proper poverty alleviation is human resource development where you eradicate poverty mentality from the citizenry and give them a sense of belonging and worth.

In my second visit to the United States, I touched different cities and landed on different airports, JFK airport, NewYork, Atlanta, Florida and Houston but when I landed on Lagos airport I felt like shedding tears.
The ACs weren’t working, officers and workers were beggerly and there was no sense of pomp and pageantry.

They are endless, the things that are disfunctionally disturbing about my Nation but I want to herewith introduce the ‘BUT’ that I love.
The positive ‘BUT’.

Here is my Conclusion, sorry


Darkness is the platform for light to manifest.
The darkness of the dark continent is the platform for our light to shine.

The previous generation and governing class might have disappointed #BUT there is rising a generation that cannot but fix this country, enforce light and ensure civilization.

I ask God to help me and many others who are passionate about the transformation of this Nation to rise and become sensitive to human resource development.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends and well wishers, please understand that my interest is not to talk down on Nigeria.
I love this Nation.
My interest like I said earlier is to add my voice not out of cynicism but out of solidarity that Nigeria is a great nation.

Indeed #Nigeria_Is_Great…#BUT… CHANGE AGENTS are rising!!!

I am one!
Are you?!

Happy Independence (Nigeria @55) and Happy New Month.


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