NYSC camp fashion check list

Beautiful morning ladies… Very sorry this article is coming late as stream one resumes camp today. If you’re on stream two list this article will benefit you more.

NYSC camp could be fun or totally gruesome. It all depends on how prepared you are mentally and physically. Mentally you should know that it’s only for three weeks after which you’re done with NYSC camp for life. So make the best of those three weeks, make new friends, garner all experiences and have fun.

Physically, there are preparations to be made especially for the ladies. Below is a check list to guide you.



I would advise braids or faux locs . This protective hairstyles are long lasting and will save you the hassle of changing your hairdo in camp.

  • Toiletries/cosmetics


It’s advisable to carry 2 sets of your cosmetics  and toiletries which include bathing soap, face and body cream etc to get you covered for three weeks so you avoid borrowing from a stranger. 

List of toiletries needed



Bathing soap and sponge✅

Body cream✅

Hair products✅

Cosmetics like brown powder✅ foundation✅ eyeliner✅ lipstick✅ lip balm✅ mascara✅ and others

  • White tees


Get as many white tees as you’re comfortable having because you would need to wear two a day. I would advice ten round-necked tees so you don’t get stranded on what to wear especially if you can’t wash immediately. In my camp days I remember a friend who went along with 21 tee-shirts for each of the days. If you can’t afford these, ten would do.

  • White shorts

You could get 21 shorts if you can afford them but five would do as you may not need to wear more than one a day.


  • White tennis shoes


A pair of white tennis shoes would do. You could also go along with a pair of white rubber laces shoes just in case it becomes wet as we are still very much in the rainy season. This will save you the trouble of having to wash your tennis shoes everyday.

  • Traveling bag


Ensure you secure your belongings in a bag that has double zips so you can padlock it. Theft always occurs in camp, you don’t want to be a victim.



The above listed materials are majorly what you will require in camp, any other miscellaneous can always be purchased at the mammy market.

#Ensure you go with a valid means of identification especially your school ID card

#Also carry along your school certificate, call-up letter and licence of you’re in the medical field ( nurses, doctors, lab. Scientists etc)

#Try to arrive camp on the first day so you van secure a good bed space. 

#carry enough raw cash as some camp authorities are strict about corpers leaving camp  for any reason.

#items like buckets, bowls, etc can easily be purchased at the mammy market.


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