Hijab fashion #2: New trends

Its another lovely Friday and for the sisters on the veil we’ve got a special feature for you. Fashion is not limited by tribe, race or religion. No matter where you are or what your belief system is there’s always room to be fashionably on point.

Below are five trendy ways to remain chic while veiled,;

Same hue


Your hijab should blend with your overall outfit. It could be of a lighter or darker hue but in it should blend in.



Hijab can be worn with most fashion pieces especially cullotes. Cullotes are decent, wide-legged and in vogue. They are well suited for formal or casual settings



Heels are an essential for the veiled ladies as you’re always draped in long apparels. Heels have a way of making any outfit classy and should be a wardrobe staple.

Denim on denim


Stir up your street fashion with some Denim flavour. Your hijab doesn’t need to be denim but it can be the same hue as your shoes.

All black everything


Don’t be scared to try out an all black outfit. Spice it up with a contrasting hijab matched with same shoes and bag. No need to play it safe anymore  with mundane colours

Cover photo: 1


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