Class outfits #3: Johnny Just Come

Hey lovelies, its been brought to my notice that some universities are resuming today. For the “post-umites”, this first day at school could be overwhelming. So many things to pay attention to. Your class schedules and your outfit.

You certainly don’t wanna be late for any lectures and you certainly don’t want to be the odd lady out with no fashion sense. Below is a simple guide to inspire you.

Box prints


Box prints are the new trends right now. Stepping out in any box print outfit certainly writes your name down in the undergraduate fashion book of life :mrgreen: .



Cullotes are also the raving trends that every it-girl wants to rock. Its also perfect for your first day at school. You can complete this look by throwing on a scarf and pairing with a pair of casual sandals.



This look is simple and is no rocket science. White jeggings paired with a blue long sleeved halter neck top, blue chain bag and blue sandals. If you can’t be bothered by anything flamboyant, this is the perfect outfit for you.

Plaid shirts


Plaid shirts are simple and comfortable especially if you want to keep things simple on your first day. Plaid shirts are historically  commonly worn by farm boys and hardworkers because of its comfort. Pair it with a belly belt, leggings, ankle boot and a messenger bag and you’re good to go.

Wide-legged trousers


For simplicity, wide legged trousers originally referred to in the 90s as “bell-bottom trousers” ( I know this brings smiles to some 90s chicks who rocked this) can be worn. It can be paired perfectly with a crop top, casual sandals and a chain bag.

Do have fun at school dearies and remember to study hard because hardwork certainly pays.

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