10 ways to look sophisticated without robbing a bank…

We all wanna look classy, chic and expensive but our bank account wouldn’t allow that. So, what if I told you there were ways to look classy, chic and expensive without spending so much money in fancy high priced outfits…

Check this out;

Fix on a 24 inches weave. It musnt be Peruvian or Brazilian hair. There are lots of synthetic and even other brands of human hair that are very affordable and give you same chic look.


Cullotes are the rave now and  would certainly spice up your look. Could be cullote jumpsuits, cullote pant trousers or cullote shorts


Maxi skirts have become most ladies favourite and it fits the slim and the plus sized. Take your style up a notch with this fashion item.


Fancy statement purses always scream sophistication. Get a hold of one or two that could go with most of your outfits.


Houndstooth apparels either gowns, skirts or tops saves you the stress of over thinking monochrome outfits. You can go monochrome without trying too hard.


Ever heard the fashion quote, “less is more”. Well keeping things simple with your outfit guarantees a chic appearance. Less accessories, simple hairdo, minimal trimmings is all it takes.


Kitty nerd glasses completely transform the face giving a demure and exotic look.


Jumpsuits are adorable and can be worn casually to the movies or formally to a red carpet event. Its versatile like that


You can cause a major ripple effect with them ripped jeans. Its a fashion statement which has become abused but if you’ve got a flair for risqué outfits, you certainly can make this work for you


This article cannot be complete without adding heels to the list. Heels, in whatever forms, sandals, pumps, boots, gladiators etc transforms a completely drab outfit to a completely sophisticated and chic outfit.



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