💜 to 💜: 11 undeniable signs you’re a control freak

Most of us don’t realise we’re control freaks until we are told or worse still until we lose a loved one or an important relationship because of this trait. A control freak is one who loves to be in the position of control all the time. They have an uncontrollable urge to control people and events around them. They feel helpless when they are unaware of events around them or if they can’t control it.

Below are 10 signs you’ve got this trait;

You sincerely believe that others around you are incapable of doing something on their own, and need your constant intervention and guidance just to do something right.

#2 You believe you know what’s best for your lover, your family or even your colleagues

#3 You have to see it to believe it. You don’t trust the judgment of others, even if it’s someone you trust.

#5 You’re a bad listener who doesn’t like hearing the other side of the story, and you never try to understand another person’s point of view because you think you’re right anyway.

#6You get frustrated when someone doesn’t get you, or doesn’t understand that you’re only trying to help them *even if they aren’t asking for your help*.

#7 You can’t take criticism, and you only pretend like you can.

#8 There’s no pleasing you, and you always find a reason to complain. If the work is done by someone else, you think it’s shoddy. If it isn’t completed yet, you get angry because it hasn’t been done.

#9You expect high standards from everyone around you, even if they’re not capable of achieving the high standards you set, which can leave you disappointed and frustrated.

#10 You don’t like it when someone keeps secrets, especially your loved ones. You go out of your way to hear the truth, even if it means doing something unethical and wrong.

#11 You’re easily angered if your partner or a close friend takes a decision without hearing your suggestion first.

When you find yourself overstepping the thin line separating suggestion and control, you need to learn to step back. After all, when you start to push someone against a wall, it’s only a matter of time before they start pushing you back. Or worse, they may even hurt you and walk away or start using you by manipulating the control freak in you!

Remember, no one, not your spouse, your friends or your colleagues, can ever rise to the occasion if you don’t want to give them a chance *or if you secretly hope they’ll fail!*

Use these signs of a control freak and fix your controlling attitude. You can’t control someone else however hard you try. And once they believe they don’t need you anymore, everyone you try to control will only walk away from you, or walk all over you!

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