Happy new year folks, its a year of achieving all we set out to do, a year of more opportunities… I feel like prophesying, should I continue??


I’m sure a whole lot of us by now already have a list of resolutions. We are all in the “from now on, I will & I wont” phase and then at the end of January most of us don’t even remember we made resolutions nor do we remember what they are.

I was chatting with a friend of mine yesterday and he said and I quote,

Bloggies.. Why do Pple wait till end of d year Before they Change things Like habits. Cut off bad pple Or reconcile ?

It made me wonder really..why do we wait for December 31st before we make a resolution to become better people? Why do we decide to wait till that day before we take stock of our lives? Why do we wait an entire year before we make changes in ourselves..

365 days is a longtime to wait before making things right.. Change is a constant and consistent process and there’s nothing ceremonious about it. Take stock of your life daily and change what needs to be changed.

Shelve off bad habits, become more ambitious, help more and complain less daily!! Don’t wait for January 1st before making the decision to do better and become better. Setting up such humongous resolutions for  an entire year is a setup for failure.

Live each day one day at a time, correct your your mistakes one mistake at a time, make changes step by step and see yourself grow and become better…💋

Post is specially dedicated to Lexx Leovia of LEOVIA DESIGNS for the inspiration to write 🙏


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