💜 to 💜: Don’t settle for a Punch in the Face

My people, my people…longtime no write. Pardon me oh, your girl has been busy but I’ll still be checking up on you guys once once :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Was at the hospital some days back when a lady bleeding profusely from a huge cut on her wrist was rushed in by a colleague . The colleague, a fellow doctor claimed the lady ran into a door…yea people still use that dumbass excuse.

We excused the colleague and clerked the lady who turned out to be his girlfriend and discovered that there was actually a fight and the colleague in question flung her and she crashed into his sliding door which shattered and the broken pieces tore her wrist and also cut a major blood vessel.

The lady spent hours in surgery after sustaining this injury and this wasn’t the first time she’s been battered.

And I ask myself, what for? Why do girls stand for such treatment? Is it So they can join the leagues of girls who have boyfriends? Or so they can get to wear the “infamous ring”? Or because they have got so low an esteem that they think they can’t get another man? Or is it just plain madness?

Please ladies know your worth. Don’t stand for ill treatment by a fellow man. Don’t be so desperate to settle down that you lower your standards. Your own man will come. The man who deserves you is on his way. Don’t ever think that the man right now punching you left , right and centre is the only man there is.

Also, don’t ever think you’re way to ugly to land another man. How ugly can you be to reason that way because I’ve seen women with one physical challenge or the other get married to amazing men. So please don’t limit God.

Wait for the man who is worth it…he will not tarry but will certainly come. Have a lovely day ahead💋

#relationshiptips #saynotobattering #notoviolence  #notophysicaltrauma #drciciblog


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