What Are You Buying Bae This valentine….

This Is the season of love yet I get to read atrocious dps, DMS tweets etc pointing to the fact that some peeps think that this is a season were their spouses wanna rip them off. If you think this way, then you never really lived your spouse and you need to get out of that union and set your spouse free..

Well for those who see this season as an opportunity to rekindle their love for their spouses, here’s a valentine gift idea for you…..Valentine Gift Hampers.

Gifts are more fun when there are a variety of them and not just one. A Gift hamper is a basket/bag/box/package of different gift items. These items mustn’t be all expensive, they should just be a little bit of stuffs your spouse loves. A perfume here, a lingerie set there, something tangible that your spouse uses and gets to remember you all year long…

And to this effect, Chiexquisite Fashion Crib is helping couples nationwide to choose and package these gift hampers.

Do you need help too, then call/WhatsApp 08069006230, 08074427247

Bbm 559EC1B4

Instagram: @chiexquisitefashion


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