#PledgeForParity- Gender Equality in all Spheres of life

Many of you reading this would sigh and say we’ve come again with this gender equality *B.S. But I think its hightime we faced the reality that women are not given equal changes at education, career, health etc.

Women are also easy targets of domestic and sexual violence, early marriages which leads to early child birth and could subsequently result in VVF etc.

Its time we support the women and pledge for gender parity/equality by doing the following

1.Help women achieve their goals and ambitions

2. Build cultures where all women feel valued and included and can contribute fully according to their capabilities.

3. Build societies and organisations where women are encouraged to gain experiences needed to be placed in strategic, key and leadership roles in organisations, society and the country at large.

4. Raise the female labour force participation rate to match that of men will have a positive impact on GDP in both developed and developing economies.

5. Creat progressive policies like flexible working hours that allow everyone – regardless of age, gender, rank or geography – to manage their personal and professional lives and realize their ambitions.

Happy women’s day


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