💜 to 💜: Guard Your Affections

You meet a new guy, he’s cute, got charisma, converses well, has a good command of English. Both of you never lack for topics to discuss, you flow well… He seems like a godsend. You wonder where he’s been all your life.

You fall for him even before he makes his intentions known to you. You immediately give your heart to him even before he asks for it and then suddenly the calls stop coming in, the messages become less frequent, he gives excuses for not showing up.

You find yourself on the other end of the divide, always calling, always sending messages but he seems to grow weary of your constant calls and messages. He begins to remind you that you’re not actually dating but are just friends. And before you can spell your name, he’s taken off.

What just happened? You ask yourself. I know most of us ladies reading this can relate to this scenario, probably happened to us more than a couple of times.

What happened is that you gave your heart away cheaply. We feel lonely most times and have a deep need for companionship. And in filling this void of loneliness we find ourselves settling for even a glimpse of companionship without counting the cost.

Our hearts ( both the emotional and physical hearts) are fragile organs. They can handle only so much aches and pains. Guard your heart jealously, never give it away for a morsel of attention.

Meet new people, make new friends, enjoy their company but be careful not to involve your emotions until you know if He is for real or genuine about his feelings and intentions. And even then still thread with caution so we don’t become clingy or overly dependent on him emotionally.

Get a life, get busy loving yourself and your life. Pursue goals that will leave you fulfilled, so your attention tank doesn’t become empty.

Love ya all.

For questions, send a mail to drciciblog@gmail.com


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