28 lessons my new age has taught me Pt. 2

Morning fellas, I guess you enjoyed yesterday’s feature.  Here’s the sequel…

#15. Learn to forgive yourself
Always remember that you’re human and always bound to make mistakes. So forgive yourself no matter how grievous your mistake is, learn from it and move on. Even our heavenly father forgives us when we err, so its a mortal sim not to be able to forgive yourself.

#16. Surround yourself with people who inspire you
As you grow older its necessary to surround yourself with people who will make you grow, people who will inspire you to pursue your dreams and succeed. Lose the losers who wanna drag you down.

#17. Always think positive
Whether we believe it or not how thoughts have a way of shaping our life. No matter the situation going on around you, choose to think positively. Remain positive even in the face of negativity

#18. Never look down on anyone…
…except you’re helping them up. Pride goes before a fall. No one knows tomorrow so never think yourself better or more privileged than anyone. If you feel you’ve attained a certain position or status, utilise it in helping others who need help.

#19. Never settle for less than you deserve
Be it a job, or a life partner…you deserve the best there is. Don’t allow impatience or desperation push you to settle for less than you deserve or you’ll spend your entire life in regret.

#20. Be honest
Even at gunpoint, be honest. There’s nothing better than having integrity. Be honest to the point where people believe all your words and actions to be true.

#21. Take risks
Playing it safe has never profited no one. Get out of your comfort zone. Great things never came from comfort zones. Go the extra mile. If you succeed, you’ll be happy…if you fail, you’ve learnt a lesson.

#22. Worry never solves Problems
Don’t spend valuable time worrying about stuffs you can’t change. If you van change it then go ahead, if you can’t then move on. Worrying over a problem results in you spending time doing nothing.

#23. Be content
Envy no one, covet nobody’s property or status. because whether rich or poor everyone has got their struggles. Be content with who you are and what you have.

#24. Storms don’t last forever
No matter how heavy it rained over the night, the sun will definitely shine in the morning. Keep the faith. Everything has a season whether good or bad especially the bad. It will be over in no time and you’ll get To smile again

#25.  Persistence & consistence pays
Always try and try again no matter how hard or difficult it is. If you persevere and endure you can get anything you wanna get.

#26. Expect Nothing but appreciate everything
Expectations lead to let downs. If you’re to expect anything, expect from your creator only, He only can come through for you.

#27. Be angry but don’t sin
You ha e the right to be angry when hurt, but you’ll hurt yourself and probably others if that anger is not controlled. Be angry but don’t stay angry. Learn to forgive, forget and move on.

#28. Learn to give
Be generous with your time and your money. Learn to lend a helping hand.

Cover photo: Instagram.com/Chiexquisitefashion


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