#Internationalwidowsday: The Plight of Widows

A widow is a woman whose husband one reason or the other dies. In our society, widows have become marginalised along with their children. They are accused of witchcraft, killing their husbands and also denied their rightful Inheritance, properties and homes.

Its a sad trend and this day makes it the perfect time to remember widows around us and help fight for their rights. Before we go on to how we can help the widows in our society let me give you a small history on how this day came about.

International Widows’ Day was initiated by the Loomba Foundation in 2005. The plight of widows world-wide has been the foundation’s focus since it was established in 1997.

According to its founder, Raj Loomba, women in many countries experience great hardship after their husbands die. “They are not looked after by governments or NGOs and they are shunned by society.”

The significance of 23 June is that it was on that day in 1954 that Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba, mother of the foundation’s founder, Lord Loomba, became a widow.
Nothing is too little to do for these widows and their children. Locate one or more today, show them love, lend a helping hand, ransack your wardrobe for those shoes and clothes you haven’t worn in a month and give them out.

So if you’re at a loss for to do this day, Total Girl Development Initiative today as she raises awareness to the plight of widows.


Email: totalgirldi@gmail.com or drciciblog@gmail.com
IG: @iam_tgdi or @drciciblog


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