Nursing mothers: Here are two easy steps to prevent breast engorgement by Pharm. Irene Oseghale

Nursing mothers are constantly facing the stress that comes with breast engorgement when transiting from breastfeeding stage to the weaning stage of their babies. This engorgement can cause severe pain, redness and soreness of the breast making  mothers feel very uncomfortable, unable to sleep at night,  irritated and sometimes depressed.

Some mothers may develop headaches and fever as a result of the excruciating pain associated with engorged breast . Save yourself the stress by following these two simple steps which have been tried and trusted.

~Decide on how long you want to nurse your baby. (W.H.O actually recommends that you nurse your baby exclusively for the first six months of life then continue with complimentary foods for up to two years and beyond).

~Start introducing the weaning diet and reduce the frequency of breastfeeding sections one month or two before the time you decide to stop breastfeeding. This will help reduce milk production without inconveniencing yourself.

~When you finally stop breastfeeding and the breast becomes full and engorged, express the milk out using your thumb and forefingers. Contrary to popular opinion which says that you should remove just enough to reduce pain, I recommend that you express as much as you can.

Your brain is unique and can distinguish between the suckling of a baby and your fingers so breast milk production will reduce. It is inconveniencing for working mothers to excuse themselves every 1-2 hours to express a little quantity just to relieve pain.

When a mother expresses a reasonable quantity of milk, it will take more time for the breast to get filled again.This allows the mother work longer hours without being bothered. Continue this daily and before two weeks, milk production would stop completely .

Trust me, this method works well and you will have a painless and stress free transition from the nursing stage to the weaning stage of your baby.


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