Side Talks #1: Only a broke jobless man can give a lady all his love and attention???!!

Good day folks and welcome to the first episode of “Side talks”. Its the segment where we debate issues that most of us can relate to.

We all know women like attention, at least most of them and they can be very vocal about it. Men like it too but they are more subtle in demanding for it and also giving it. They feel that If they don’t have the cash women wouldn’t even want their attention so they rather focus more on making the dough first before showering love and attention.

I was debating this with a male friend of mine when he told me point blank that only jobless men give their ladies all their time and attention…😨….is this true? What’s your opinion?

Below are the opinions of some of the peeps I talked with…


Broke men are usually more devoted to one relationship because they do not not have the financial empowerment for flirting.  Secondly because they are broke no job or simple job with simple/ meagre salary they have  all d time in the world for their relationship and at a point they  become a thorn in the flesh of their spouse later on. ~Dr. Ferdy




I agree with the saying “who/what you love, you make out time for”. Attention may be difficult to get cause I can listen and not pay attention or hear what you are saying. Listening and hearing ability is a skill…… Yes whom you love you make out time for whether you have money or not is no condition. ~Barr.Claire


I don’t think its true because he could be broke yet not give you all his time and attention, he could also be busy and still not see you as important enough to give you his time and attention so it
Can go both ways. ~Mr. John







I disagree completely. A man who knows the worth of his woman,gives her his time,attention and every other thing in between freely without being told whether poor or rich. Giving time and attention in a relationship is a two way thing.  ~Dr. Maryjane





A broke man is an idle man. It’s 75% true, cause life is complicated, if you sleep for a second, you may miss it, so you have to concentrate. Gone are those days when life was simple. Same reason why love is difficult to find, its not because men can’t love, but they have to be on top of their game.  ~Pharm. Eseosa





Well i believe if a man loves a woman he will create time for her. A man that is busy with work,making money will not give you all his time but will definitely create time for you. It is easier for a man that is jobless to give you all his time you know, he is not doing anything anyways.

My opinion therefore is that a broke man that loves you will give you his time but a well-to-do man that loves you will create time for you. ~Dr. Esther



imageIt’s kind of true tho, and this is my reason…a broke man doesn’t have a job nor any means of livelihood and as such doesn’t have anywhere to go…so directly/indirectly he has all the time and attention to give to a woman. Miss Peju


I don’t really think a man had to be broke to give his woman attention. When you are in a relationship with someone you love, money doesn’t matter. Spending time together no matter how little counts. Just been there for each other is something that cannot be measured. I speak from personal experience that I and my husband will rather stay at home and watch a nice movie together than go out and paint the town red. When we have or don’t have its hard to tell because we enjoy spending time together. To me money is not the hallmark to measure a successful relationship, it is about two people who genuinely care for each other, listen to each other, talk about anything that troubles them especially money. Because like it or not money will be an issue if we do not talk about it because it is the giant elephant in the room. When you are able to see eye to eye, you can go through whatever stormy situation that comes.  ~Mrs. Ebahi


Having read all what’s your own opinion? To make your contributions, drop a comment below or use the hashtag #DCBsidetalks1 on Instagram or twitter and your comment will be posted in the next edition. 💋


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