Side Talks #2: Ladies, is it right to bring your friends along on a first date

So yesterday was fun you’ll agree reading the different opinions of the gents I interviewed. Well today like I promised, its the turn of the ladies to air their opinions.

If you ask me though I think it all depends on the location and if the lady likes the guy. If she doesn’t like him and just wants him to spend his money, she may take along her crew to “chop his money”- not right though. If he’s Inviting her to his house for a first date then she may want to bring along a friend or two for security purposes… #nuffSaid

Let’s read the ladies’ comment;
IMG_20160709_204754I don’t think its right and I won’t do that. I’ll rather go alone and wait until in know the guy better then I can take my friends along subsequently.~ Miss. Jenny





IMG_20160708_232819 It depends on if the date is serious or not. If its a casual date then it ain’t wrong taking along a friend but if its a serious date then it ain’t cool going with friends. ~Miss. Alma






IMG_20160709_210209 On a first date I think it’s wrong to take your friends along . But subsequently you can because I do it. Although I tell the guy I’m bringing a friend before coming for the date so he’s not embarrassed and also you both can agree on the number of friends.~Miss. Mercy. 






It depends even though thinking about it critically I’m of the opinion that it is wrong. If you’re concerned for your safety since he’s a new guy you should choose a public venue. Although I also think you should know the guy well enough before agreeing to a date. ~Dr. Itse



I think its unethical and disrespectful. I wouldn’t do that especially since he’s a new guy and its a first date. No third party should be involved since I’m just meeting him on a date. ~Miss. Ada






Well for me it depends. If it’s someone I’ve known for sometime taking my friend/(s) along would be a bad idea,but if it’s a new guy guy, i’l have to go with a friend my dear because the world is evil -strictly for security reasons. ~Dr. Ede




Hmmm… So what do u think ladies, is it right or is it wrong? Or those it depend on certain situations. Do drop a comment below if you’ve got a different view or use the hashtag #DCBsidetalks to voice your opinion on twitter


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